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Hi, Linda,
Information about the emergency diet was included in the welcome letter you got back in late October or early November. Here's the link:
The Emergency Diet is a temporary diet for new members while they get a feeding plan in place that includes only safe forage and bagged feeds. The goal is to immediately remove any potential dietary triggers for laminitis.

My horses ate LMF Low NSC Stage 1 as a carrier. I didn't mix it with Stabul1, another carrier. Neither carrier will balance your horses' diet: that takes the right minerals in the right amounts. Minerals are fed with a safe carrier like ODTBC, Stabul1, RSR Beet pulp and the others on the list.  

 My horses will eat just about anything in a handful of Stabul1, including many meds. If you want to try different flavors (fenugreek and banana are favorites here), check out the Stabul1 website. They will send small samples. They also sell 20 pound bags to try so you're not stuck with a 50 bag of something your horses won't eat. Once you know their flavor, you can order from
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