Re: New & Updated Case History help please


Hmm, OK.  So I am slowly figuring this out, haha.

So you are suggesting Cricket start Pergolide (Prascend)?  His feet are drop dead gorgeous.  The only time he had a hoof issue was when he was on the DEX.  And that presented itself with chipping walls that took a few months to grow out, no pain.  Nicole S, has balanced his diet for me :)  I don't notice any other physical signs of PPID but I want to be pro-active.  I am trying hard to avoid the rabbit hole because I am fully aware it can strike like lightening.  I am off today, I can try to get updated photos of him.  He is not fully shed out so he looks a bit ratty, maybe I can bathe him today and blow out as much hair as possible with the shop vac???   He might be thinner than I expect since his exercise has greatly increased so he just may need a little more hay for his "athletic" calorie needs.  I was so hoping that all of our hiking would have helped his numbers as well as his weight :( 

The vet suggested insulinwise.  I did my reading and see it is effective only about 50% of the time.   Honestly I'd rather soak hay in the warmer temps if we think that would help with the ESC than put him on a drug.  I cannot soak in the winter, did that many years ago for my pony and it's just too cold here in the winter.  They don't have a real barn that maintains temps above 0c. 

So how do I find out about the donkey, Chispa?  Without knowing about how his numbers look I don't know if there is anything better I can do for him.  He lives with Cricket.  The only time they are separate is when he goes in his stall to eat his Stable 1/Vitamins,  Cricket can't fit under the railing.



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