Liz & Onyx - New Results 2021

Elizabeth Kuzma

Hello Dr. Kellon and group, 

I just had my Tennessee Walkers results done recently and his values, especially the Insulin level seems extremely high.  I can't figure out the meaning of the results on the EMS calculator since there seems to have been a change to that.  I have never had the MIRG ratio be negative as they are for these new results.  Please help!  Could this be a contamination or mistake, should I get a redraw?  The vet said that she is having many horses test with high Insulin levels right now.  However it has me worried.  He does not seem to be showing any specific different symptoms or foot sensitivity right now.  The only change since this winter has been a hoof crack that seems to never grow out. 

The EMS calculations are below:

G/I Ratio:  0.88
RISQI Calculation: 0.091
MIRG Calculation:  -9.8
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