Fw: Re: [ECIR] Cushings horse losing her hair

Sherry Morse

Forwarding this for Daune :

Hi Vikki,   I have a horse on the exact same meds.   He was shedding out nicely until i started the prascend.   Then it came to a screeching halt.    Which admittedly is better than hair falling out to leave bald patches.   The vet said i would probably need to clip whatever need be to keep him cool this summer.    He is not an Arab.   His coat is awful!   It is so coarse and he is sensitive to touch now.  All of this because of prascend.   Its a tough drug.   Good luck with the bald spots .   Maybe its something else.    Maybe they just have to get used to prascend.   There is much help here on this site maybe its happened to others.    When did you start with prascend?  

Daune and Monty
Southeastern Massachusetts 

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