Re: New & Updated Case History help please

Nancy C

One more bit about diet effects, since it appears Liz and Onyx are having the same issue.

If your hay (Feb 2021?) was tested via NIR vs wet chem, your ESC and Starch may be higher than what is reported. Since it was in the 8%+ range, this would concern me. Some members have found as much as a 30% difference between the tests.  If I have these details correct, I would retest the hay. I may have missed something, bouncing between folders.

I am not seeing any listing of the major minerals for Cricket.  I would review those with your diet balancer and bring the calcium;magnesium ratio to 1.5:1 if it is not already there.

I would also want to make sure the trace minerals are tight at 3:1:3 - Iron:copper:zinc. Zinc is a really important aid for insulin sensitivity.
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