Re: Liz & Onyx - New Results 2021

Elizabeth Kuzma

Hi Martha,
Looking back and googling the temperatures the night low was in the low 40's (Fahrenheit).  What does the temp need to be to test?

Onyx has stayed on Metformin since diagnosis.  He has been on the same dosage consistently.  The vet said that some remain on it for their lifetimes. 

Since this new blood levels being off, I have began soaking his night hay since his morning hay is hard to do leaving to work very early, but I can try soaking that the night before.  

I have tried putting him back to mild work but with his other issues of torn suspensories and EPM, the vet has always told me that he probably won't ever be able to return to the same line of work as he used to. She had said that he probably would only be able to do trails at a walk.  Though we have never been able to get to that since diagnosis, there has always been some kind of health issue that has prevented us.  

I will weight tape him tonight and put the results into the ECIR calculator and update that.  
Aug. 2019, Patchogue, NY
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