Re: Update on Vinnie- Post Hospitalization for Hypertriglyceridemia

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Quick update latest bloodwork from 4/1 from Cornell 

Glucose 109
Triglycerides 71 (whoohooo]
Insulin 68.1

Vinnie is finally eating and acting like himself again. We begin the slow decrease of the higher sugar hay from the 65/35 ratio which was about an 8.7 eac+starch to more of a 50/50 to see how he fares.

We are waiting on  conferring with Dr Kellon on next steps.  With insulin creeping up I suspect we will be on a mission to get this back down soon

His feet are recovering. We pulled sneakers temporarily to allow for some solepacking for resolving am area that had some serum draining.  We are deciding on next steps tomorrow once we get a look to see the progress of that potential area.  We had a slowdown of hoof growth too which I am sure was related to the health scare he went through so hoping we start trending better on that front as well. 

Thanks Nan
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