Re: Question for Dr. Kellon and Invokana dose for Riosa


Thanks Nancy and Cass for your feedback!  I was going to go buy a glucometer but they are pricey little suckers if you don’t have a subscription for one and if I can save some money then that helps.  Maybe the best bet is to just continue regular blood draws with my vet.  Hoping to get blood results back this week but suspecting it won’t be until next week.  

She continues to be in good spirited just seems a bit lazy and doggy when we go for walks if she hasn’t had food for an hour or so.  She was super perky last night after her supper so that was good news.  She also had the oat/hay cube snack after her before supper exercise. Wonder if that helped her have more energy for our little after work liberty play? Thanks again for all the help and feedback!
August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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