Re: Question for Dr. Kellon and Invokana dose for Riosa


Here is just a thought for folks using Invokana, or those concerned about actual diabetes in their horses. Urine sticks are fairly cheap. Of course, the zillion dollar question is: how to collect the urine? I have found that my crew have a fairly predictable pee schedule, in that when they are called up for their supplements, they often stop to pee before they come up, or half-way through the walk. Ideally, you would hold the stick under the pee, or hold a soup ladle under the pee. Even just dipping the stick into a fresh puddle would be better than nothing.

Heather, you are amazing in how you have managed Riosa over the years. You are in a new territory of : feed and blood glucose providing energy, balanced with Invokana and insulin. Clearly, the higher insulin levels are potentially more detrimental. Thanks so much for giving us all more information on the use of Invokana for our IR horses.
Merlin and Maggie (over the bridge), Gypsy, Ranger
Smithers, BC 09 .

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