Re: Question for Dr. Kellon and Invokana dose for Riosa


Hey Jaini!!

Hope all is well with you and the crew and it has stopped snowing on you!

Good tips about collecting the urine and paying attention to their habits.  Thanks for sharing. If you would have asked me 4 years ago what are my horses urination or drinking habits or how much food they exactly eat,  I would have been clueless but these days I can tell you that and a whole lot more!   Nice to be in a group where we all understand that the importance of noting all these things and don’t just think we are neurotic horse owners!

A huge thank you for your compliments regarding my care for Rio. Means the world to me as it has been a struggle at times but if it wasn’t for folks like you and this group I truly don’t think my sweet sassy little mare would be alive today, much less getting back into saddle work!  

And yes you are absolutely correct about more new territory now with back into work and balancing the glucose, invokana and feed to hopefully result in low insulin levels, keeping enough energy for riding and controlling glucose.  Fingers crossed that insulin has been the root of all our past issues snd if we can  continue to keep it down we can have an enjoyable many years together and with many under saddle as well!  

I am always full of questions, as many of you on here I’m sure have come to realize, and just hope that my questions can help others out too!  

Thanks again everyone for all your feedback, advice snd support with our challenges and helping Rio and myself over the years.


August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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