Re: Dr Kellon/Dr. Clougher - need help re significant increase in triglycerides

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Hi Patti,

I am not a vet but I can share my experience and what I was told when Vinnie was in the middle of hyperlipidemia caused by hypertriglyceridemia and had to be hospitalized.
1. His triglycerides were 1100 the day he was hospitalized.
2. He had been experiencing dramatic weight loss, ataxia, on and off really sore feet, lethargy and just wasn't himself for about a month prior beginning Feb 8th.  I believe he had been in hypertriglyceridemia for the month of Feb. We started invokana Jan 8th and he was doing great til Feb 8th.
3. March 1 was when things really seemed to get worse. I actually had "the talk" with my vet about when was enough, enough. That is how worried I was about Vinnie.  He was eating and drinking well so we decided to pull blood and take it from there.
4. March 8th bloodwork came back ( high triglycerides,  high liver enzymes and high cholesterol) and March 10th he was hospitalized. He presented with a gas colic that wouldn't stabilize. When arriving at the hospital colic was ruled out, but liver enzymes, lactate and triglycerides were high so he was hospitalized for hyperlipidemia.

They immediately stopped invokana and treated with glucose and low molecular weight heparin to help the fat (triglycerides) move back into the cells and help his body stop using fat for energy and to build his glycogen store in the muscles for energy.

Vinnie is doing great at home and his liver enzymes are back to normal almost and his hypertriglyceridemia is almost resolved, but we have not yet restarted invokana.

His insulin has jumped up to 68 from normal (30) pre hospitalization. The goal if we put Vinnie back on invokana is to start with a low dose and stop.  Then monitor both urine glucose and blood triglycerides, insulin and glucose to see how long the dose stays in his system and what the effects are on his system. We ( me and my vet) are waiting to do this under the guidance of Dr Kellon.

I hope this helps. Whatever you do please work with a vet to ensure you are both in the same page with next steps etc.
Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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