Re: Dr Kellon/Dr. Clougher - need help re significant increase in triglycerides

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HI Terri,

Yes there were subtle changes in Vinnie's behavior starting around Feb 8th.. He is usually very active and engaged socially with people and he just seemed off.. still nickered when he saw me but he looked at me like he was trying to tell me something.  

He started to get very grumpy and overtly agitated when I did normal chores about him. Putting his boots on he tried to bite me several times.  I thought this may be pain but, he seemed to just be annoyed by touch at times.

He was eating well, but he was getting more picky about hay. The old hay he stopped eating and the new hay that was greener but lower in sugar he would devour.  His poop seemed glossy which I thought was strange and now have learned that is fat in the stool.

He got foot sore even though his insulin was normal. He developed a crest and so I thought it may be early ppid so talked to my vet and we restarted prascend on about Feb 17th. We planned to pull blood in three weeks so titrated up prascend dose to 1mg.

Things deteriorated in small amts daily after Feb 23rd and he looked thin..and he has NEVER looked thin.. I increased his odbtc cubes and I added 1.5 cups RSR beet pulp.  He started to look a little better and then would have days where he seemed out if it. 

March 1st he was really really foot sore on hard surfaces and when he walked he looked neurological in his hind end, but seemed to walk out of it on soft surfaces.  Between March 1sth and March 8th he slowly seemed to improve weight wise but I was also throwing a ton of food at him. He had odd movements now and then like he was drunk. March 10th evening we did a 5 min walk and it was the best he had seemed soundness wise.  He seemed engaged and happy. I fed him his beet pulp while I lunged my mare and then I gave them their evening hay. He normally is happy chomping when I leave but he had gone to the back of his stall and had a sour face and he stared to paw.  I checked for gut sounds and he seemed a bit gassy.  I chalked it up to the increase of beet pulp and called my vet.  We gave him a dose of banamine and anti spaz and I walked him for a few mins. He seemed to stablize but 20 mins later he started pawing and seemd out of it..a little drunk.I called my vet and she said haul to UCD.

Earlier that day we had gotten the blood work back indicating high triglycerides with elevated liver enzymes and high cholesterol. My vet had pulled blood on 3/8 and decided to run a lipid panel because his serum was cloudy. 

Hope this helps :)

Thanks so much! Nan

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