Free feeding tested hay



My Canadian mare had laminitis August 2020. (See case history.) She has done well at new barn on your recommended diet and tested hay. 
She has been on a restricted diet before (in terms of % of preferred body weight) and lots of exercise and never really did lose much weight so I believe the weight loss is a result of low starch hay. Since being on weighed hay and your recommended diet, she has lost around 150 lbs.

But I am now worried she has ulcers (because of sudden on set of behaviour problems, like biting, which she has never done before).
She is fed 3x per day in hay nets but devours it quickly, leaving her with long windows without food.
Her blood work says she is not insulin resistant but your calculator says she is compensated IR, sensitive to food.

Would it be safe to at least try free feeding of tested hay for a week or two or longer, if I keep track of her weight? I would use a whole bale, small-hole net approach. I realize it could take some time for a full transition - but is it safe to just start and see where it goes in terms of health and weight. I am wiling to stop if her weight gain is too much or any other health issues arise.


August 2020
Metro Vancouver BC Canada

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