Acute laminitis

Jessica Gunderson

I have a horse with acute laminitis going on 9 days now. Responded well to 2 grams bute twice a day, 1 gram bute does not seem adequate to manage discomfort. Also put on thyroid medicine. Being fed 18 pounds soaked hay in 1.25 hole net bag split between multiple meals. Also eats 1 scoop loose himalayan salt and 1 cup wellsolve w/c with thyroid medicine. On matted stall rest with soft rides containing laminitic gel. So far no movement of coffin bone based on radiology but concerned horse is still experiencing discomfort after 9 days. Likely brought on by hock injury that resulted in a month off from exercise and other feed changes that sent this easykeeper over the edge. Most comcerned at this point with mitigating the acute laminitis. All advice is appreciated. Thank you.


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