Hay Analysis & custom mineral/vitamin blend help


I’m considering switching to a custom blend for my low sugar Timothy hay analysis ...my question is ..if I choose Horsetech for instance or even Uckele..do I just show them my hay analysis and they create the blend? Or does someone else need to look at the hay analysis and decide what needs balancing and they recommend what should be in the blend and with that you take the “prescription” so to speak to the custom blenders ??

I switched all of my metabolic issue horses to the emergency diet last June ..then modified it a bit and have had them on Vermont Blend carried with ODTBC/flax/vitamin e ans some Stabul 1..they’re all doing fairly well and they all have lost considerable amount of weight ..however recent bloodwork shows insulin & glucose within normal limits of the Cornell range-but close to the higher end of normal and the G/I ratio says they are IR and high laminitis risk so I’m thinking the hay might need to be custom balanced??
Michele Goldberg
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