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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Sherry,

Cody's recent metabolic bloodwork looks good.  I'd be very happy with his insulin and ACTH numbers if he was mine.  His ACTH seems well controlled for this time of year, is he still on 2mg Prascend?  And can you post the report from his CBC.....maybe one of our veterinarians can take a look and let you know if they see anything of concern.  Did your vet have any input on whether the abnormalities on the CBC are concerning?

One thing I noticed in his Case History though is that he does not appear to be on minerals balanced to his hay, it looks like all the minerals you were feeding have been stopped, except magnesium oxide?  Did I miss something?  The balanced minerals really do help with PPID horses because they will strengthen his immune system and connective tissues, which are compromised by PPID.  Although we strongly recommend customizing your minerals to the hay you are feeding, if that is not possible then feeding a high quality low-iron mineral balancer at the recommended rate is better than nothing.  There is a list of recommended balancers in our files:

As for the FFW, it could be that the hay has higher indigestible fiber in it than he can handle, being an older guy now.  In case you haven't seen this overview on it:
Some people have had success trying Uckeke's Absorb-All product but as I can't get that in Canada I have no experience with it.  There are lots of posts on FFW in this group and the Horsekeeping subgroup, with a few success stories, but I think it often comes down to the hay and how easy it is to chew and digest.  Not sure how beet pulp would contribute to FFW, and it could be the added grass that is helping instead, but either way I'm glad this is improving.

What would you estimate his BCS to be at now?

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