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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Daune,

Without more info from you, the general instructions for a 1000lb horse at maintenance are:

2% of body weight in hay (20lbs), unless they need to lose weight.  You can safely go as low as 1.5% of body weight if they need to lose weight, but no less than that.

Add in minerals balanced to your hay, either a custom mix (highly recommended here to customize minerals to your hay), or one of the recommended balancers (feed the amount recommended for that product on the package):

Use a safe carrier to mix minerals in with:
Feed just enough needed to get the horse to eat their minerals.  Include the dry weight of the carrier in the total daily weight of hay the horse eats, so 19 lbs hay + 1 lb carrier = 20 lbs, or 2% body weight of a 1000 lb horse.

1600-2000 IU vit E in oil.

2/3 to 1 cup ground flax.

1-2 Tbsp salt, more if sweating, plus free choice salt.

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