Re: Recent bloodwork concerns



Thank you very much for your advice, but I need more help understanding. At one point, when I spoke to a Vet at BI, I was told that dividing your total daily dose in 2 and giving the Prascend 2x a day was preferable to 1x a day and that if a horse isn't having a good symptomatic response to Prascend, but acth in the bloodwork looks good, that dividing the dose and giving 2x a day can often lead to improvement. Is this incorrect? I would much prefer to give the Prascend once a day because it's such a pain, but I thought I was doing something good by doing it twice a day.

Also, my plan was to just increase to 1.5 mg, but I went with 2 mg because Sherry advised it because his numbers are so very high. I have APF on order. I hope it will get here this week. Should I just do 1.5 mg for a few days and then go to 2? I will also hopefully have some news from Cornell tomorrow about any likelihood of this being an error.
Jennifer Grossi
Charlevoix, Michigan

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