Re: Recent bloodwork concerns

Sherry Morse

Hi Jennifer,

You can titrate up by .5 so do 1.5 for 3 or 4 days (all in one dose) and then go to the 2mg in one dose.  If you think you're seeing signs of the veil you can slow the titration rate but going by halves is easiest.  As far as once a day vs. twice a day dosing, there's been some research into it that says it may be effective but from the experiences on the group here 1x is most effective and if people have gone to 2x a day dosing it's usually something like 2mg at one time and then another 1mg to keep the therapeutic level in the blood up.  As you noted, even the vet at BI said dividing the dose in 2 would be for horses with a good level of ACTH and that's not where Firestorm is now.

Hope that helps answer your questions.

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