Suggestions from Cornell WAS Re: high insulin, high glucose

Melanie Christensen

Hi again,

I am working on Keila's case history and having some technical difficulty that I am working on and it seems I cannot click on things to upload or add the bloodwork to do the RISQ table.

Cornell results: 

ACTH: 11.6 pg/mL
Insulin: 142.77 uIU/mL
Leptin baseline: 12.57 ng/mL
Glucose: 245 ( ref range 71-122)
T4: <0.05ug/dL (ref range 1-3)

My vet spoke with the endocrinologist at Cornell due to Keila's high glucose (245).   The endocrinologist stated since Keila's leptin was normal, (it is above 10) it is not a feed issue.  However,  I see her eat at mealtimes and she is pretty ravenous.   I wet down the hay because this hay has not been tested.   Her insulin is high also:  142.77 uIU/mL and low low thryoid of <0.05 ug/dL.   It was suggested to start thyroid medicine and prascend as the endocrinologist felt sometimes a low thyroid can be associated with Cushings.   I could also do the trh stim test which I didn't think was necessary?    My vet said she learned a lot from this conversation.   

In dealing with my other horses,  leptin has always been an issue.   If her ACTH is within norms,  will trying prascend possibly lower her insulin?

As Lorna stated,   Keila is diabetic and even though she only acts extremely sensitive to touch and not shedding at all,  sweating since last fall,  would her low T4 be an issue?   

I am working on her case history and may need to ask for help.

Thank you for any input,

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