Report on Cayuse on 150mg Invokana


Briefly, she feels good and is even a bit fresh now she’s almost body clipped. I did stop rinsing her hay to make sure she’s getting the tested ESC which is in the 7.8% range. 

This dose works out to just about 0.33 mg/kg, so she’s at the low dose range.  

I was lucky to have a bit of history including liver and lipid testing before we started. Her first triglycerides after Invokana increased from 80 to 100. 

Next labs will be April 19. I plan to exercise her well the day before to see if glucose remains normal. And I want those triglycerides to stay where they were! 

I’m curious if others noticed changes in fat pads  Two big changes for Cayuse I couldn’t see until I clipped her and cleaned her udder: she lost the fat pads on the back of her thighs and one I didn’t know about, in front of her udder. Her crest is different, too. She has overweight horse crest that doesn’t pop up right in front of her withers. It’s a smooth arch. 

Cass, Sonoma Co., CA 2012
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