Stallions and IR


In the messages regarding the lovely stallion in the insulin test video, Lavinia commented:

In general, being a stallion helps prevent EMS/IR - even in high risk breeds - but that protection fades along with the testosterone, as they age.

My pony developed a large fallen crest (in his former home) at about age 3. It ended his show career. The owners sold him to me at age 8, soon after he had been gelded. Other signs of IR became apparent, then ECIR came into our lives!
Could diet have an IR-promoting effect on a stallion? Lad's first owner used Calf Manna as a feed. Also his deworming method was to dump a truckload of carrots into the pasture. "They eat till their manure turns orange," he told me, "and that clears out the worms."
Bonnie and Lad
North Ontario
Dec 2008

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