14 Year Old Welsh Pony Diagnosed with Cushings

Jess R


I've owned my pony Clover for 5 years and he always seemed to have a weak top line. He's anxious by nature so I've been doing a lot of ground work with him. In October, he was diagnosed with Inflammation Airway Disease then two weeks ago ulcers. This past weekend he wasn't eating and it almost sounded like he was burping so I called them out and during our visit, I inquired if they'd do a cushings test given we were going into the spring season. So they did a TRH stim test which helps diagnose very early cushings.

I'm not quite sure how I add on his test results here so I will provide them below:

Insuline Baseline Equine 41.41 ul/ml - 10-40
TRH Response: ACTH 39.5 pg/ml - 9-35

ACTH Post TRH 1 Post: 228 pg.ml 9 -110

Naturally I'm saddened by the news but grateful for each step we were taking as we figure out what's going on with Clover. Because of his asthma, I moved him to a new barn for better air quality in December. I bought a Haygain steamer, and he's currently on grass but with a muzzle. I'm blaming myself because in March here in NJ, I didn't have a muzzle. They are telling me to take this all day by day. He's on Sucralfate but finishing up today. Ulcer paste is on its way. And the Prascend is on it's way and they want me to start 1/2 tab 1x daily for 6 days then 1 tab daily. 

They also suggested I put him on this: https://www.kppvet.com/insulinwise/

My main questions is with him being only 14, is it okay for him to be on Prascend long term? I worry if there are any long term effects of the drug. And I'd like to see him get back into work doing the eq and hunters but I'm unsure with his results what sort of "job" is suitable.  My goal is to heal the ulcers and allow him to start the Prascend and just see how he is. I gave him a light winter of work since the cold with his asthma can be tough, he was moving somewhere new and he's anxious by nature. 

Any advice on this is greatly received! 

Jess in New Jersey 2020

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