Gastric Ulcers - Supplement to help anxious pony - also has Inflammation Airway Disease

Jess R


I was reading the forum on issues of gastric ulcers. Does anyone recommend a specific supplement that is good to have your horse/pony on? My pony was diagnosed early cushings, ulcers and he has inflammation airway disease. He's anxious by nature so I decided to try him on:

SmartPak Ultra Calm

and SmartBreathe 

He's only been on them for one month, so I haven't seen too much change. The ulcers were a little bit of a surprise as he's anxious when it comes to certain aspects in the barn which we've been doing a lot of ground work to help build his trust. He didn't have any other typical ulcer signs. I had done acupuncture to help with the asthma and his ulcer points came up. Then I came up one day and he didn't want to eat and I heard a burping type sound. Had the vet come out and they diagnosed ulcers and he 5 days on Sucralfate. He's done with it now but the ulcer paste is still in transit. But his prascend has arrived so he will start taking that on Friday, 4/23.  

My vet recommended Purina Outlast (but this was prior to his cushings test as we ran the test the same day as the ulcer visit). Just curious if there is a better option for ponies with cushings?

Another note: I have the Aservo Equine Inhaler which Clover doesn't like but I read on the forum people were cautious of it being a steroid. My vets had advised with it being an inhaler very little is absorbed systemically so we tried it but my barn did not do it for the full 24 days as per my vets request. Just thought I'd mention it on here because I'm trying to take this all day by day.

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