Invokana dissolved in water stability question

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Hi Dr Kellon,  Since I am giving Vinnie such a low dose of invokana, I am wondering if it would be better to dissolve the 300 mg pill in water? I am thinking of dissolving the pill in 8ml of water and then giving one ml per dose, for a dose if 37.5 but wondering if we know anything about the stability of this medication once dissolved?  It would be easier I think than cutting the pill 8 ways as the chips never seem to be the same size.

I am contemplating going up to 50mg and then I would just dissolve the 300mg pill in 6mls of water? Would that be correct? 

Worse case I can order the 100mg tabs and cut in half, but I am trying to save funds as best as I can.

Thanks Nan
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