Considering nerving as last resort for comfort

Jeanne Q

Hi all.  After seeing Glory's latest x-rays Ive decided there is not much hope for furthering her comfort.  Her P3 is all but gone.  She continues to thrive and be her sassy self despite the pain she must be in and is a healthy eater.  She is on PEA for pain.  My farrier mentioned "nerving" today and that she may be a good candidate as it would relieve her pain for what time she may have left in this life.
I did a search here and didnt come up with much, especially recently.  I have a good vet but the procedure would be done here at the farm. 
Would Glory benefit from this procedure?  Is she a good candidate?
What would be the negatives?  Post procedure complications?
Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!

Jeanne Q MN 2020

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