Re: Considering nerving as last resort for comfort

Jeanne Q

Thank you both for your thoughts.  They help me get my thinking process working.  Your insights are invaluable.  Nancy thank you for your thoughts on her proprioception.  Taking that away from her may be a bigger problem than the known pain she has been dealing with daily.  The vet is coming next week.  He suggested to do a temporary nerve block to see her response.  That may give me the answers I need.
Farrier was here yesterday and I will get some new pics posted today of her trim.  I think we are pretty close to Lavinia's recs.

I find myself wondering, with as much bone loss as there is, if I am doing the right thing at this point in keeping her going.  She is still bright and very involved in her surroundings and eating well,  so that end of things are good.  However, my vet and farrier are starting to give me those looks...... so I start doubting myself.

Jeanne Q MN 2020

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