Re: Considering nerving as last resort for comfort

Jeanne Q

Thank you Dr. Kellon for responding here.  Hope you are feeling better.  Those post neurectomy issues have definite repercussions that I am not sure are worth any potential benefit at this time.

I guess I didnt realize a horse could continue with little or no coffin bone.  I imagined that would be the end of Glory's journey.  So thank you all for your encouragement!  I just couldnt see letting her go when she is still so very bright.  I will continue on with the search for additional comfort for her without the neurectomy at this time.

Nancy I have posted a couple of pics post trim and think we finally got close to Lavinia's recs.  Glory actually has been moving a bit better the few days since the trim so I will keep my rasp handy!,,,20,2,0,0

Here is a link to Glory walking yesterday so you all can get a feel for where she is at.  
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