Re: New Member - Shetland with acute laminitis and cushings

Maxine McArthur

Hi Karen
Can you get Energreen Maxisoy? It's soyhull pellets, nutritionally similar to beet pulp and a safer feed than the chaffs. You can mix it with beet pulp as well (that's what I do) after rinse/soak/rinsing the beet pulp. Zero is generally a safe feed but if he's actively laminitic I would stop it for now. 
As the welcome message above says, make sure there's no grass anywhere he can reach, even if it looks dead. I have a friend who moved to Tassie from Canberra (she's in Dover) and was appalled at the lushness of the grass there. Even her young, active Arabian riding horse is on a track system and dry-lotted at night. 

Let us know what his blood test results are, and if you can get the case history done we can help you further.

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