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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Karen,

The soy hull pellets or RSR beet pulp make up the mash for the supplements.  Most horses like beet pulp but sometimes they need to adjust to it.  Adding salt can make it more palatable.  Because it is fed RSR (ie wet), the supplements stick to it and are eaten as well.  In my experiments with soy hull pellets, they turn into gummy paste if they sit too long soaking, which some horses (mine included) do not care for.  Just dampening soy hull pellets with a bit of water so supplements stick, and feeding right away keeps them more solid and less gummy, so the texture might be more appealing.  That works for my horse.

Not knowing your pony's weight, I'll give you the amounts for a 1000 lb horse, and you can reduce accordingly depending on his actual weight, so fir example a 500 lb pony would need half of these amounts.  We recommend the minimum daily salt ration 1-2 Tbsp for a 1000 lb horse (it depends on the Na and Cl in your hay, and more is needed if sweating) to be fed with minerals, plus free choice loose salt.  Unless your horse uses his teeth on it, a block does not provide enough salt.  1600-2000 IU vit E, in capsules containing oil or as a powder mixed with a tiny bit of oil to make a paste.  2-3 oz fresh ground flax seed. 

I feed pergolide in a small handful (1/4 cup or less), of extruded feed that is "safer" for EMS horses.  Others put it in an empty peanut shell, or the core of a small slice of carrot or a hole drilled into a hay cube.  If your pony is actively laminitic though, I'd avoid extruded feeds and carrots, and consider syringing it in (dissolve tablet in warm water in a medication syringe).

Getting the diet as tight as possible is the best thing you can do right now to reduce hoof pain.  After 24-48 hrs you should see improvement in comfort.  If not, then the trim is likely contributing to the pain and needs to be dealt with.

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