Re: Swollen eyes

Sue Ring

Hi Sandy,

Talk to your vet to see if an exam for uveitis may be appropriate.  I recently went through having swollen eyes (intermittently) and called regarding an exam right away.  My 20 yr old Thoroughbred does have seasonal allergies, to some degree, but the swollen eyes had never been a problem.  He was recently diagnosed with PPID.  I DO know that eye problems get my attention and I get them looked at right away.  An exam revealed a case of active posterior uveitis (basically inflammation in the back of both eyes).....very, VERY painful to them, as if they have a migraine headache every day!!  Vet prescribed medication(s) and I ordered a Guardian mask, which blocks 95% of UV rays......VERY, VERY helpful - HIGHLY recommend!!  No other fly mask is made from material which blocks the harmful UV rays as is the Guardian mask.  Pricey, but worth EVERY penny.  If left unattended, they can lose vision.  Do not mean to scare you but the earlier you get on it, the better chance she will have to lessen any damage.  You will be aware of the condition and can work to keep the inflammation to a minimum......hopefully, an exam will reveal something less but you will have peace of mind knowing what is causing the swelling.  Best wishes for a very good outcome!!
Sue R in NC 2021


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