X-ray photos added to ..... Re: Ann and Nahar New case history added - looking for help for cortisone induced laminitis episode

Ann Nuno

HI Everyone,
I was able to add Nahar's hoof x-rays. These were taken in January about one month after his laminitis episode had subsided.  Vet reported they were "normal" but would love input from the group.  
I'm also not clear if I'm supposed to create a new message in the Case history group to have my photos and history reviewed or just in this message group.  Sorry, I've been a member for a while but this is the first time I've had to post.  
I have also added my hay analysis.  This was from last years hay.  I just received a new load this week.  Same supplier so should be similar but I will be sending samples in soon.
We are discontinuing ridden work and will go back to just hand walking, long lining etc. with hoof boots on and will wait for 1/3 or more of new growth before resuming ridden exercise and make sure he is comfortable and getting good heel strike on all surfaces.  

Vet will be coming out on the 21st to draw blood.  We will be doing a non fasting insulin/glucose.  She also recommended testing his Leptin.

Links to his case history and photo album are below my signature.

I do have the thinline flexible filly grazing muzzle too but he figured out how to eat through the sides.  I do like this muzzle the best as it is lightweight which is important given his other issues.  I am going to see if I can modify it and add some webbing through the sides to keep them together better so he can't eat through the sides.

Thank you for all your input so far.   


Ann Nuno
Gilroy, CA



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