Re: Prascend to pergolide

Sherry Morse

Hi Erica,

If you do switch from Pracsend to Pergolide be sure your vet writes the prescription correctly: "x mg of pergolide, as pergolide mesylate" so your horse is getting the same does of pergolide.  At that amount of pergolide cabergoline is going to be more expensive so I wouldn't considering switching at this point.

I'm not sure how told you MgOx and Chromium will help with insulin levels but that just isn't true.  What will help is tight diet control and exercise.  Has your horse been diagnosed with IR or just PPID?  We don't recommend any IR horse be given alfalfa but even some PPID horses can't handle it. If he's having issues maintain weight you need to make sure his PPID is well controlled by his dose of medication. 

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