Hard swollen area in front of udder

Kandace Krause

Hi all,
I just did a search for this and found some old information but nothing conclusive so I am asking.  At  K's diagnosis area in front of udder, not udder bags, were swollen, soft and equal with a division down centre line.  Now, with weight loss, there is swelling on one side only, it is hard, no reaction to touch.  Mare is constantly lifting her back feet in a small kicking motion and relief from this seems to come from scratching and cleaning udder, but a few days later, behaviour returns.  She is very difficult to note when cycling, and has been so as long as I have owned her (10yrs+).

One of the search posts mentioned an infection, as opposed to anything resulting from IR or PPID.  
Can someone name this or direct me to a better search on this topic, please?  I used swollen udder+one side, I think.
New blood work to post to CH coming soon, improvemnts again.

Kandace K Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2

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