I'm missing something!


My Warmblood went lame 23rd February when we had -10c which is very unusually cold for Surrey, UK. He is EMS and IR. He has never had laminitis before (I am told. We have only owned him since April 2020.) and I thought it was bruised soles. Vet came and tested insulin levels which were 53. He went onto box rest and followed the emergency diet of 7kilos of soaked hay fed in small feeds over the day. 2 meals a day of pink mash, only enough for his supplements - and a Progressive Earth Laminae Support blancer as well as magnesium oxide and vitamin E and bute.

He had ACTH pre TRH test after two days on box rest. Result  17.6 <29
ACTH post TRH test 112 <200
Second insulin test at rest and off grass 4.1

X-rays showed rotation in LF 7% and RF 6%. Back feet were 2%.

Shoes off and trim after he had been on box rest for 3 weeks. A further 3 weeks and more X-rays showed they had not rotated any more. Vet seemed please. Farrier trimmed feet. A further 3 weeks and farrier trimmed feet and put impressions on. His front feet were sore and there was a bruise and old blood on the LF. After having impressions on he seems much more comfortable.

He has lost 13cms of body fat but still has a long way to go. Still has fat pads and still has puffy eye sockets. He has now not had grass for a long time and a consistent diet, but his eye sockets seem to be puffy or down without any rhyme or reason. 

Although he seems happier and more confident moving around his stable now, I think I am missing something. The eye sockets seem to never really go down. I am worried about the bruise and old blood in the LF. There was also a soft 'dent' in his right fore which by the next day had hardened quite a lot.

I am considering changing his balancer to Forage Plus 

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG) although is sounds as if he should not have Jiaogulan until the feet are better, but how do I tell?

I feel as if I am missing something. Please can you advise?
Barbara Spence UK 2021

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