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thank you. what is your best recommendation for my horse. he is not lame, has not been lame, he is IR, will be 14 8/01/.2021. he is ridden 5 to 6x per week arena and lite trail,  arena is non competition dressage.  i want to do what is best for him; tried barefoot 11/2019. was too sore, do you think maybe his soles have increased enough to try again, can the underrun heels be fixed barefoot, if stays shod will a 2 degree wedge all 4 feet help his heels and not compromise his toes; when you say to horizontally shorten toes is that the same as the 45 degree from underneath that dr bowker talks about. i am soon to be 75 years old and wish for my horse and myself to  stay sound and rideable as long as we can. do you ever email/talk/text with  farriers if they are receptive. my farrier has been a farrier for about 10 years.  sorry to be so wordy/needy, i greatly appreciate all  of your help, all the moderators, dr kellon and dr jaini.  daisy and tiko
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