Re: Urgently need help to board laminitic mare near Sacramento/Lincoln - boarding facility pressuring me to euthanize or being cruel

Lorna Cane

On Fri, May 7, 2021 at 05:27 AM, Cindy Q wrote:
Put your mare on the emergency diet recommended by this group. It's under the header .
Hi Diane,

Agree with Cindy for sure. Take your time.Read it slowly.
It can have amazing results , soon.
Senior feed definitely has to go,as you know.

I hope the barn is willing to at least help you try some of these initial measures. .

Read what to do in link above if you can't soak hay.
You'll get an official welcome soon,full of ideas which have worked for hundreds of horses.Try not to be overwhelmed .There's a lot there,and you have a lot on your plate.

Can you post pictures of her feet for Lavinia ?
Here's how...........


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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