Re: Urgently need help to board laminitic mare near Sacramento/Lincoln - boarding facility pressuring me to euthanize or being cruel

Bobbie Day

i don’t have much to add but our little mare has the same issues, she is approximately the same age as Denny and has terrible arthritis in her knees especially the right. I’ve mentioned it before here but maybe this will help you. If you have someone that can help you steady her foot while you place it on the foam or pad wrapped with duct tape you can manage with her just putting it out front for you. My husband and I work as a team here !
what we have been doing because she can no longer wear her boots for long is put a good pad inside a diaper which we have applied rows of tape to the underside, (the dip works great) then we sit her foot on the pad (I also put in felt for sweat control) as soon as we get her foot square we can quickly use the tabs on the diaper to keep it in place while we finish taping. It’s working really well for us and I have done it by myself, but it can be a challenge sometimes because she’s bad about moving her foot.  I just wanted to say hang in there, most of us have been in your spot more than once. And your the only that can make the decision if she’s ready or not.  The advice you will get here is the best you’ll ever get. And we’re all here for you !
Bobbie and Desi
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Utah, Nov 2018

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