Re: Question about when to test hay


I’m probably speaking out of turn, but here is my 2 cents.

We typically pull core samples as the hay goes into the barn from the field within a couple of days.  There is some variance in subsequent tests, particularly with moisture and perhaps crude protein, but I can’t remember on the CP for sure.

in our neck of the woods, it’s very difficult to bale hay at 10% moisture (and we run a moisture tester on our square baler that gives us “live” moisture readings).  Typically we are somewhere between 12-17%.  If rain is coming and we stand the chance of loosing the hay to rain, we will bale past 18% to around 22% with buffered propionic hay preservative applied as we bale.  It is rare that we do this, but it does preserve the hay quality and prevents dust and mold.  That higher moisture hay will definitely test differently with respect to moisture as it cures in the barn.

All the best!
Bill J. in VA 2020

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