Re-addressing fructan level #Fructans


Hello ECIR.
  I am posting this topic because there is a nearby horse that has laminitic symptoms even after months of diet change. This horse is on the same low sugar hay as mine. It was mentioned that the hay could till be a trigger as it's fructan level is greater than 2. In this case the WSC is 10.08, ESC is 5.44, Fructan of 4.64, Starch 0.41 (DM). The horse breed is a Morgan, in case you were wondering. 
  I was wondering if there was any new research on acceptable dietary levels for IR/EMS horses?  And on fructan levels? I realize this may be re-opening a subject that has been discussed many times before but I felt I needed to ask. 
  Thank you.
DS and Julie
BC, Canada

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