Vitex/Chasteberry study #Vitex_CHB_Chasteberry

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

This is a study from 2013 now available in full on the internet file:///C:/Users/drkel/AppData/Local/Temp/Use_of_the_chasteberry_preparation_CorticosalR_for-1.pdf . They looked at horses and ponies on Vitex only, Vitex + pergolide and pergolide only. I haven't read it in depth yet but one thing they found, as we have, is that  Vitex added to pergolide improves the coat. However,  horses on Vitex alone or Vitex + pergolide had much higher ACTH heading into seasonal rise than horses on pergolide only. Take home message is use Vitex with caution in combination with pergolide. It may block the effects on ACTH.
Eleanor in PA 
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