Re: Re-addressing fructan level #Fructans

Sherry Morse

Hi Delli,

Fructans have long been disproved to have anything to do with endocrine laminitis:

Now, having said that - as you should know there are more than just diet changes associated with endocrine laminitis.  Has this horse been tested to be IR or PPID? If yes, have there been further tests after diet changes to see if the bloods have improved?  If the horse was overweight, has it lost weight?  Have there been adjustments to the trim to address issues in the hooves?  What else is the horse eating besides hay? 

That's just the tip of the iceberg on questions but if the horse is IR or PPID you can help the owner by directing hm/her to this list so we can help the horse directly by having answers to all those questions.

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