Re: Question about when to test hay


I feel better....we make 4x5 round bales and we have a meter we test several bales for moisture content in each field. We have 4 bales the moisture tested above 22 in just one spot on one side of the bale and below 17 everywhere else. We stack ours in the barn the day we bale because we usually are chasing the next rainfall. This year our first field was cut under cooler temps by day and night but it dried fine with the exception of some small fields we never usually cut. But because this is the earliest we have gotten any hay in and....the time of day I am very nervous about the sugars. I will go ahead and sample today and send it in for my peace of mind then take another sample in a month for my AG agent. We are planning on baling the next 2 fields this week but the temps are rising to what we normally have so we should have plenty of drying time and the ability to cut early in the morning. Thank you!

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Nancy and Akira
3/20/2018  Burkesville KY

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