Update on Cadet, relapse of foot sensitivity--second try



Cadet's case report has been updated.

After Lavinia expressed concerns about Cadet's trim (https://ecir.groups.io/g/main/topic/82163413#264044), he was seen by a new farrier, who seemed very approachable and took back his toes quite a bit.  He also requested a look at Cadet's most recent radiographs.  There was no lameness after the trim.  Cadet is scheduled for a second trim with the new farrier 3 weeks after the first.  I plan to post new hoof pix after that.

I had rechecked lab work just before the trim.  The temperature had been above 50 F for most of the 48 hrs before, although it was 47 F at the time of the sample.  His insulin remains elevated (Cornell 87.36 mIU/mL), although it is better than the last time.  Triglycerides 66 mg/dL (RI 10-90).  He had no access to grass and I think his diet is as tight as I can make it.  His weight hasn't changed significantly with the calculator, but he looks much leaner, no crest or supraorbital fat, and I can feel his ribs better.  I have to assume this is the lowest I will be able to get his insulin without increasing his exercise.  I was about to extend his hand walking and maybe consider starting to ride him until...he had access to grass clippings blown into his dry lot by the neighbor mowing his lawn.  This happened after I had left the boarding facility for the day and he probably nibbled on them overnight.  Now his feet are slightly tender, with no increase in pulses.  He is reluctant to walk on gravel, walks normally in his dry lot and on sand, but refuses to trot.  

This appears to illustrate how much of a metabolic tightrope he is walking.  Does this relapse mean his timetable to being ridden is reset to zero (ie 6 plus months)?  

Thank you in advance for any comments or suggestions.
October 2018
Oakland County, Michigan, USA
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