Re: Re-addressing fructan level #Fructans



It always comes back to the fundamental, NO Laminitis!

If it's too late, then you treat the cause and support the hoof.

You don't treat laminitis with diet. You treat hyperinsulinemia with diet. You prevent hyperinsulinemia with diet. You treat PPID with Pergolide, (sorry - no prevention for PPID). Because these are the most common causes of laminitis, this is where our focus goes. But, I could go on:

You prevent fructan induced laminitis by not delivering 8 lbs of artichoke-derived fructan through a naso-gastric tube (to date, the only documented cases of fructan-induced laminitis).
You prevent grain induced laminitis by locking the door to the feed room.
Then there are the causes of laminitis like concussive, support-limb, placental retention, Lyme disease and on and on. Laminitis is always secondary and without understanding the root cause, can never be adequately dealt with.


Kathleen (KFG in KCMO)

Director and Research Advisor, ECIR Group Inc.

Missouri, USA, 2005 


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