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Hi, Sue. 
I'm not scientifically oriented either. I do use the combination, or I should say, I have used both pergolide and vitex/ CTB, until today! I've seen no evidence vitex/ CTB surpresses the adenoma. That's not my belief, and that was never the reason for my use of vitex/CTB and pergolide. The best evidence I've seen is that dosing our horses with sufficient pergolide to keep ACTH in the high teens is the optimal management of PPID over the long term.

You can read in detail about the use of vitex in treating PPID at, about half way down the page, under Alternative Therapies.  Short version: in early PPID, vitex may offer some relief of symptoms, but vitex doesn't reliably control abnormal hormones produced by the pituitary adenoma or the growth of the adenoma itself. In fact, the evidence is that vitex/ CTB does not suppress the adenoma.

Many members here with PPID horses use both pergolide and vitex/ CTB when pergolide alone doesn't facilitate shedding of the Cushings coat. For Cayuse, the combination facilitates some shedding but more specifically, stops the regrowth of her Cushings coat until I stop vitex/CTB in the fall. Now that I've read the article, I won't risk the possibility of higher ACTH for the convenience of not needing to body clip my PPID horse several times a year.  I'm not going to bet against Dr Kellon's caution that vitex might interfere or interact with pergolide.
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