Susan —

My vet has not yet received Bug's test results from BET Labs. I did speak
with her briefly on Wednesday, and relayed the advice I had been given by one
of their technicians. Her response was that BET is a good lab, but the owner
is NOT a vet (he evidently has a Ph.D. in Endocrinology). Therefore, she
thinks sometimes he's a bit overzealous with dispensing advice.

She was skeptical about the use of Chromium for insulin control. I've done a
bit of reading the past few days, and now I am as well. There have been lab
studies which show that Chromium damaged DNA in lab mice, and many legitimate
human physicians are warning againt people ingesting it because it's still a
relative unknown. What its use might mean for a horse, especially an old one
who's not capable of reproducing, I don't know. However, I'm not going to run
out and buy it without further investigation.

As far as the Pergo goes, I think I probably will end up adding it to Bug's
daily bucket of stuff. Has your vet considered a Cypro/Pergo mix for Darby?

How many mg. Isoxuprine are you using for Darby? You might need to increase
the amount (ask your vet).

Is she a foundered horse? Does she have shoes on? There are Lilly pads made
to take pressure off the tender soles of the hooves. I know they helped Bug
immensely when he foundered.

— Paula

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