Re: Cushings Diagnosis

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Lynn,

Definitely stop the Red Cell as iron deficiency has never been documented in an adult horse. The only way to test for actual iron status is to send a sample to Kansas State University (KSU) to check ferritin, serum iron and TIBC. There aren't enough of any other vit/minerals in the Red Cell to be useful.The best way to supplement is to test you hay, then mineral balance to the result. If you have a current hay test, you can upload it to Teddy's CH folder. There are some commercial vit/min supplements available that are a generally acceptable but whether they actually match your hay or not is an unknown.

Have a read in the files for more info on iron:,%20Iron%20Testing,%20Iron%20Overload

While being hospitalized will affect insulin, glucose and ACTH levels, it is highly unlikely to have pushed glucose that high into the diabetic range. Diabetes is another possible reason for the lack of energy you were seeing.

Retesting his ACTH now to see if the pergolide is controlling his PPID well is a good idea and as Martha mentioned, you don't need to do the TRH stim test, just have the ACTH tested. Please see the feeding instructions for the insulin/glucose testing so you get reliable results.

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