Re: URGENT: Laminitis suspected, possible abscess too? Already on ER diet ... what next?

Laura and Ero

Unfortunately, I’ve asked about the hot wire and/or another fencing type already, but it’s not been met with much interest — hence the plan to move. It’s hard to find a place with a large enough dry lot for adequate turnout in my area. I finally did find a place, but I’ve had to compromise on distance and price. Is he safe to travel an hour away in his current condition? He’s up more than down in his stall. Should I start hand-walking or stick to stall rest? I don’t want to aggravate the laminae, and get a more rapid DP again do I?

Ero was on a balanced diet, but with new hay coming in every other month I couldn’t keep up with testing so was advised here to continue soaking my hay. 

And as of about a month ago, Ero refused to eat his Equi-VM (including anything I added to it, hay too). Uckele sent a new batch and still straight refusal. The plan was to get to a new barn, test hay and rebalance, but continue to feed Flax, E, Salt, magnesium with soaked hay for now. I was able to get a sample of Vermont Blend Pro to try, but with this episode I’m hesitant. 

Can remove the bute/UG. Not getting strong support from area vets re: that protocol, and it’s hard to continue to go down this road alone. 

Laura and Ero

October 2020 | Colgate, WI USA 

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