Re: URGENT: Laminitis suspected, possible abscess too? Already on ER diet ... what next?

Kirsten Rasmussen

That's a tough question, I hope you'll hear from others on it, too.  If he was mine, as soon as the digital pulses normalized, I'd move him.  In padded boots.  One hour is not long and you can drive slow on corners and brake softly.  He will likely want to run around his new area so keep the padded boots on and confine him to a small SAFE pen where he can see the other horses (hopefully they are near enough that he doesn't feel alone in a strange place) but can't gallop around.  And continue to soak hay and use padded boots when you arrive until he settles in, at least.  He might need the padded boots when he is eventually integrated with the herd, too.  Just use your best judgment and common sense.

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